My Letter To Jude

Dear Jude,

I had a great holiday. I woke up 12:30 every morning. Basically my dad woke me up because he thought I would sleep for the whole day.

I had Christmas at my anti’s house. We had my mum’s famous sticky date pudding. I have two Christmas’s, one at midnight and one in the morning. The one at midnight is South American Santa and Scottish Santa is the one in the morning. 

 I got lots of presents I will start off with midnight Santa I got a Bruno Mars album, LMFAO album, nerf gun I got lots more but I can’t remember the morning one I got PlayStation3 remote, Uncharted3 PlayStation game, board shorts ,Adidas top, soccer ball and a water bottle that’s all.

I went to Mallacoota it was great I loved the fish and chips store. I did the fishing competition won it in 2010. Court one fish it was the size of my hand so we had to put it back. I went in lots of boats in Mallacoota.

Two weeks later was my birthday I got more presents just money basically but my only present was a BMX bike. My family came over.

I really didn’t do much on the holidays

I hope your holiday where very happy Jude. Hope you enjoy mine.      


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