S.R.C Application

Dear 5/6 students


STRONGLY! believe that I could be the best S.R.C. rep in the class room for Moonee Ponds Central School.


Firstly: I can give very good ideas, because once my soccer club didn’t have very good soccer goals. My letter got 50 signatures, so we got new goals. That is why I can give really good ideas for S.R.C. that is why you should pick ME! for the S.R.C committee.


Secondly I am good at arguing, because once I was arguing about global warming. How it isn’t really real and I changed my friend Alexander’s mind about global warming and the carbon tax. That is a very good strategy for S.R.C. so pick ME! to be a S.R.C. rep.


Thirdly I am very good at being social, because I keep in touch with all of my friends even the ones from kindergarten. Once I saw a person on the street and I didn’t know what to do so I told my dad and his mum came to get him and know me and him are very good friends. That is why I can be good at socially on S.R.C and pick me to be member at S.R.C please


That is why I strongly believe that I can be the best rep in the classroom and the whole entire UNIVERSE!


Many thanks Matthias James Foley.

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