About Me

I am Matthias I live in Melbourne I live with my Mum, Dad and sister I have one past away sister so technically I have two sisters my sister is annoying but sometimes she can be kind. I have a middle name called James.

I have a pet called Fergus he is smart but also a bit dumb. he  jumps on me when I fall asleep. I normally have to put the blanket over me because he gets really existed.By the way it is a dog.

I don’t like green food because they are always vegetables. They have this funny feeling in your stomach.

My hobbies are soccer, Hap-Ki-Do, tennis and indoor soccer. I really love soccer I am one year in front of my year level. I play with Mason in the same soccer club.

School is not my favourite thing.I don’t like work that they give us. I hate the homework they give us. I am in year 5 and I like it so much

I love traveling it is my favourite. I love going to Scotland /England and Japan my favourite was Scotland because I have my family over there. My cousin couldn’t get to sleep because I told him about the lochness monster I couldn’t get to sleep because he kept wiggling the bed.

I love going to the beach. I love the waves but want scares me most is sting rays the creep me out big time. I love bogey boarding on the waves. I went surfing but it was a fail.


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