100 word challenge Week #31

As the bird swooped in she poohed on my head and it was very white and wet so it was going to be hard to get of my shirt but I tried and tried I kept trying I even tried to use napesan but that did not work. I tried to use Bam but that didn’t work to so I was washing trying to get the poo out before my mum came back from work and Bang Chuck Norris comes in and gets it right of that why Chuck Norris Is the greatest man to ever live.

Week #32 100 WC

As the sun came out I wanted to watch the champions league final and i wanted to go to the game but the tickets got sold out straight away and there was no seats left “oh know”  he really wanted to watch the game and bang straight away he saw a ticket on eBay but it was a phony ticket he got really raged at the guy and he went to his house and he raged at him he chucked every thing at him every thing possible but the bad thing is the next door neigbours were police officers and he got arrested for life and he couldn’t go to the game.

100wc week#31

The green house was filled with red roses but one day a guy called james batakis and he loved roses he wanted a red rose for his lovly girlfriend Chuck Norris but we didn’t want him to getb one because we were short on roses so that was the best one and we could sell it for around about 600k but he wanted it badly but we got our shotgun and made him run away but then his girlfriend came Chuck Norris and we all started running put our shotgun on the floor and sprinted for our life The end.

100wc week #30

Let’s eat that Hobbit said the trolls cooking the horses. The hobbit didn’t think that the trolls saw him so they grabbed him by his feet and started saying all the things that they were going to do with him like roast them and lots more. Then all the dwarfs came and tried to help him but the trolls were really big and they were trying and trying then they found his weak sport and started to sword him down and tried to kill him and they killed the trolls and they just collapsed on the dwarves and the hobbit. But they were all right.