Under grounded

9:55 at night, five more minutes till the Melbourne show ends. I am on the hangover ride with my friend Max

Halfway through the ride. Bang! Suddenly we slip of the seat and the ride cracks open.

“We are stuck Max” They are stuck in a whole with nothing just a cell phone and a bag with water and money. There was only a little whole above them which they could see the ride.

They were looking around for some stuff for them to use to get out. Max found a bone and Matt found a stick. Max found something else in his bag it was a mini shovel that he had when he went to the beach and must of left it in his bag.

So they were digging and digging bout the problem is that the top of the whole was made out of concrete. So they had no chance of getting out. Max was trying to wack the concrete with his mini shovel but it still did not break.

Mum and Dad where ringing nonstop but we couldn’t pick up the phone because we had no service. So they are stuck there until someone comes and rescues them.

The builders are picking the ride of the ground. They are trying to get their attention by screaming and by shouting at the top of their lungs. The builders don’t see them, but one person sees them. But it will take another 6 hours for them to get them out, but they are out of water.

There pulling them up and they are really hungry because they were in there all night.

They get pulled out carefully in a very tight gap. They get home and eat lots of food and water but matt got really sick and he is in hospital getting treated. But it didn’t really work out at the end for Matt.             

Lost Children

Running to the playground the brother and sister racing.

Their playing on the slide very happily.

Mum and Dad waiting for the kids called Panda and Jess for close to two hours.

They were looking and looking until they found out they were kidnapped. They found Panda’s jumper and found jess’ tooth. So they called the police navy, milltary and swat to come and look for them. They looked for D.N.A and evrything else. They found one bit of hair on Panda’s jumper. They used the piece of hair on the electronic resources. They found out who it was. It was Slender. They looked for river. They found a body floating down. “AHH a body shouted Mum and It was Jess. “why why does it have to hepend to me “Mum  and Dad screamed sadly. They found Panda across the river getting torched by Slender. The police officer shot one bullet and Slender disapered from their site. Panda jumped over the river and whisspered to Mum “I’m sorry” Slender’s profile and D.N.A disapered.

They all went home. The prayed for Jess all night. The family could not get to sleep untill 7 o’clock in the morning. They had the funireal for Jess. The lived happy for the rest of their lives.

The End

By Matthias