Acmi Excursion

I didn’t know that Ned Kelly was the first ever Australian film ever to be made. It was even made in colour.

We are at Screen Worlds looking at all the things they have there like the matrix and a whole lot more.

My favourite thing at screen worlds was the matrix which was where you go in a cubby sort of thing and takes slow motion pictures that turns them into a film peace.

Where at Game Masters. I really want to go in. The first thing I see is Space Invaders which is a really fun game. I see this game called Sims Classic which is a very old game of Sims it looked so complicated with all its stuff on it like going to different places with two different screens things.

There was an awesome game at Game Masters called Minecraft which was an indie game but it was not working which was really sad.

I will go to screen worlds and defiantly Game Masters again.

By Matthias

Book Review

I chose NBA book. It was about Skills and drills like behind the back, shooting technic good handling with the ball, good dribbling, through the legs and the spider. It showed all the teams e.g. Celtics, Miami Heat, LA Lakers and much more. It showed all the leagues like the low division high division.

Swimming Carnival

I have already won two ribbons. I am so excited. I came 3rd in backstroke and 4th in waiting race. I was looking forward for having my next go.

It was time for our chant our one was really funny it went like this we are we are Lawson and other things like that. It was a parody of we will we will rock you. Chisholm won the chant competition.

When I did backstroke at the end I hit my head on the wall because I wasn’t looking where I was going. I stopped breathing for a little bit.

Trophies!  Lawson didn’t win any trophies. Banks and Chisholm won all the trophies. The places where 4th Macarthur 3rd Lawson 2nd, Banks and 1st Chisholm. I was disappointed but Lawson will win next year.

On the free swim I dived in. Basically I did penguin dives they are really fun.

I meet up with all of my friends mostly Finn because he was in my house I vs against my friend Tommy and Paddy it was meant to be a year 7 50m bresrtroke but there was no  year 7’s in it.

My Letter To Jude

Dear Jude,

I had a great holiday. I woke up 12:30 every morning. Basically my dad woke me up because he thought I would sleep for the whole day.

I had Christmas at my anti’s house. We had my mum’s famous sticky date pudding. I have two Christmas’s, one at midnight and one in the morning. The one at midnight is South American Santa and Scottish Santa is the one in the morning. 

 I got lots of presents I will start off with midnight Santa I got a Bruno Mars album, LMFAO album, nerf gun I got lots more but I can’t remember the morning one I got PlayStation3 remote, Uncharted3 PlayStation game, board shorts ,Adidas top, soccer ball and a water bottle that’s all.

I went to Mallacoota it was great I loved the fish and chips store. I did the fishing competition won it in 2010. Court one fish it was the size of my hand so we had to put it back. I went in lots of boats in Mallacoota.

Two weeks later was my birthday I got more presents just money basically but my only present was a BMX bike. My family came over.

I really didn’t do much on the holidays

I hope your holiday where very happy Jude. Hope you enjoy mine.