Parts of speech


Function Example Example.
Nouns Thing,person,place Tommy


Los angeles

I went to boston
Pronouns Replaces a noun He




He went to a theme park
Verbs Doing word Catching



I went to punch christen.
Adjectives Decsribing word Decsrbed




I had a wonderfull time at new jersey.
Adverbs Describes a word. Fastly



I was very lonely at New jersey.
Prepositions It’s a joining word In



I went to the new jersy show and watched all the house wives.
Interjections Expression Wow



I went to new jersy and I got qwowed of my seat.
Conjuctioins Adding words. And



I went to new jersy and also went to the movies.


1. Apples and oranges are good for you.

2. It was a life and death situation.
3. Look under the table and in the closet
4. I wanted to travel quickly and cheaply, but I couldn’t get a ride.
5. We bought the tickets, so we went to the concert.
6. After we saw a deer, we drove to Doaktown.
7. Before he gets sicker, he should go to the doctor.
8. We sent you a full and complete refund when you asked for it.
9. We ran home because it was raining.
10. Until the snow melts, we will have to stay home.
1.  Although she missed the bus, she and Lily still arrived on time.

2. Andy bought it because he liked it yet he never wore it.
3. Betty or Fran will bring the books which you wanted.
4. The waiter who served our lunch was really nice but slow.
5. I saw the nests that the robins built both on the porch and in the tree.
6. Until we see it, we won’t believe it.
7. If you are ready, we can leave so we will be on time.
8. When they had finished, they gave it to the teacher.
9. Roller blades and skateboards are very popular.
10. CDs are great because they have good quality sound.


1. Put your coats on the bed in the guest room.

2. Paula walked through the park and then turned towards home.
3. She hid the presents behind the desk and under the stairs.
4. The colour of her dress was really flattering.
5. The books on airplanes were placed beside those on trains.
6. The chairs on the porch were painted white.
7. Guests with tickets entered first.
8. The sap from maple trees is boiled into a syrup.
9. We saw six pheasant on the road to Stanley.
10. The man with the long scarf just robbed the store in the mall.
1. My aunt in Sackville gave several of the antiques to Gene.

2. The camp beside ours was built in 1966 by John’s brother.
3. Since the crash, many of the survivors have received cash settlements.
4. In his new movie, Brad Pitt drives a car from Toronto to Los Angeles.
5. The time of day doesn’t matter.
6. The supervisor questioned the quality of her work.
7. A few of our friends from school arrived for supper at Julie’s.
8. None of the items on that page are available until July.
9. In 1992, most of the money disappeared.
10. The mine owners from Germany sold all of it to them.

Exercise 9: Adverbs

Copy these sentences in your notebook and then underline the adverbs.
1. They arrived early for class.
2. Can you come soon?
3. She placed the crystal vase carefully on the table.
4. You cannot drive there!
5. The bus will arrive here at noon tomorrow.
6. Yesterday, the strikers blocked the driveway effectively
7. Rick gave his girlfriend an extremely expensive gift.
8. Kate is a truly courageous woman.
9. They finished their work surprisingly quickly.
10. The weather turned really hot at the beach during this last week.

B. Use the paragraph you wrote in Exercise 7B. Rewrite it using enough adjectives

  1. I arrived
  2. I walked down the street
  3. The airplane flew in the air
  4. I watched the Europa League.
  5. I love Monkeys
  6. Spiders have 8 legs do you have 8 legs?
  7. I danced in the disco floor with disco stew
  8. used to think footy was better then soccer but i grew a brain.
  9. Tommy thinks he has blonde hair but really Tommy has brown hair.
  10. I watched the Champions league.