100wc #week 6

looking down, I was surprised to see that my friends we getting strangled by a person, I was panicking because I don’t want my friends to get killed they are the best so I went down and I saw Chuck Norris rescuing him but James Batakis wanted to do it himself so he got Chuck Norris and chopped his head of and he was dead but you know Chuck Norris he does not die but James Batakis was panicking so he went down and killed the person who was strangling them and the friends where say thank you to him

The Systems

Well you needed to work in group and they were assigned for you even if they were your friends you still had to work with them. The skills are going home and doing your part every night so you don’t let your team down. We had to do a table the group was me (Lily and Zoe) we had to go home very night and research about our topic like future, problems, Care and Description
Muscular System:
Our body would not be able to work without our muscles caring us around. When you stretch your muscles like the biceps and lots more they become a lot bigger as you could see. The blood comes from your brain threw your body to the muscles.
Lymphatic system:
The lymphatic system is all around your body everywhere you look on your body it’s there but you just can’t see it. The lymphatic system is a part of the Immune system so they both work with each other. the lymph nodes are green I was surprised when they said green I thought it would be red or something but it was green. The lymphatic system is a network of all the vessels and organs.
Endocrine System:
The endocrine system is one of the most important systems in your body. You can get a thing called diabetes all of you guys should know it. The sex hormones in your body come out when you are going through puberty and after words. The hormones travel through your body and when they find the target cells they stop. It was discovered in 1875 by a person called Bernard and he was a very good man.
Digestive System:
The digestive system includes the intestines down in the lower part of your body and the liver is located in the middle of your body. A meal which is dinner breakfast or lunch takes about 1 ½ hours to go down through your body. You can feel your rip cage and that is the thing that is protecting you from anything from the outside that can come in.
Circulatory system:
The heart is a part of the circulatory system and it is located on the left part of your chest. The blood takes at least 20 seconds to go through all around your body. The circulatory system involves three of the major parts which are called the lungs and the thing that keeps you alive the heart. Your hear pumps at least 70 times a minute. Blood is made by bone marrow can you believe that.
Skeletal System:
The skeletal system protects all our vital organs like the kidneys and many more to say. No one found out who discovered the skeletal system but they found out about the skeletal system ever since they were making Mummys. Bones can course breaking of the leg arm neck and anywhere that has a bone that’s breakable but nearly every bone is breakable in your body they are called fractions breaks and more but I cant remember.
Urinary System:
The kidneys lay in the soft tissues in your body. Ancient roman spies used urine as a type of ink. Lungs are a part of the urinary system I never knew that.
Respiratory system:
The system is also known as the invetulator. Doctors might be thinking of making fake lungs and how will they make it they will by using a 3D printers. Lamonia is a cancer that can infect your lungs and lung cancer can to that you can get from smoking heavily.
Nervous system:
If you care about the nervous system know will not need to worry about anything in the future get to do with the nervous system. The nervous system has lots of nerve cells in the body floating around your body. There are the nerve lines that are in your body and they are red and blue and they look like lines all around your body feet legs head everywhere but you cannot see it in your body. Was about all the systems and she wanted us to know all the systems in the body for example Nervous. Respiratory, Urinary and lots more. I
The project Was about all the systems and she wanted us to know all the systems in the body for example Nervous. Respiratory, Urinary and lots more. I think my group worked really well we all went home and did well we listen to each other opinions and its was just a good group to work with (Lily, Zoe and Me)

100WC #week 39

But I wondered what I would do when I had a soccer lesson but I couldn’t go so I was going around the whole school saying If anyone could go to soccer for me but no one could go and during the day my mum calld me and said quickly come with me I have good news I didn’t have to go to the birthday party so I didn’t have to worry in the end