Asia project reflection

Japan Reflection

  • Make a list of the most important things you have learnt.


During the project I have gained lots of skills such as. I now know how to go on student with Encarta premium and look up all the stuff I need to use like the songs of japan the population. I know how write a bibliography the write way. I now know how to use the queue cards properly and number them. I learnt how to stand still while I was presenting.



  • What can you do now that you couldn’t do before?

I know can do a proper bibliography because I couldn’t do it before the project. I know how to do a good PowerPoint and stick to the 5 minute time period that Jess assigned us to do and I think I did well.

  • What or who helped me?

Jess helped me understand how to do the PowerPoint well. My sister because she went to Japan and she told me all about it and most of my facts came from my sister and she helped me a lot.

  • 3 facts about the country you researched. Focus on the key ones that have stayed with you.

I remember what the population which was 127,817,277. I remembered that the most common sport in Japan is Soccer and all the school kids play. The currency in Japan is the Japanese yen.


  • 2 understandings. There is a difference between facts and understandings, if you are unsure talk to Jess, Bronwyn or Lee. These understandings can be about the country you wrote your report on, its relationship to other countries or how it compares to Australia


Daily dash winter sports

It was a Friday and we all knew it was winter sports we were all exited so I was in soccer and we had four legends on our team they  were called Tommy Beckham,Christan Beckham, baily beckham, Alex Beckham and Matthias Beckham were all playing for the trophie it was the best day ever it was a sunny day and they had a no brainer team we were so exited about it. It was kick of time but all we here was “wait” and th. We team coming and they were a whole bunch of hazards from chealsea. Nace that it Were so scared. Its kick of time again.

It’s the 90th minute and we get a free kick out side of the box and remember we were all beckhams and Matthias kicked it with so much furnace it went top left corner and we one the game for the fifth year in a row.

100wc #week 34

“were is the elephant cried out Tommy”

The elephant is missing so they have to do a mission to find him and get him back. They have a mssion by getting Chuck Norris to find him so fast so they were looking for the elephant but before you knew it Chuck Norris came back with the elephant and told everyone that he got the elephant so fast but of 5 days of aganising pain Chuck Norris died

100wc week 35#

The light was so bright that when i looked at it it made my eyes blind and my eyes did not work at all i was getting so nervous that i couldn’t see i went to my mum mum was even freaking out we were all freaking out but then magic happen Chuck Norris swooped in and took over the show and made my eyes magically better forever

Asia Project Reflection

Singapore by lilly  Hot and humid 5.34 million school age 6-15 compolsery
Hong Kong by chole Hong kong is in China food- noodles, chicken, rice weather usally cool
South Korea by devlin 12 war periods  50 million people main sport baseball
Bali by eden southern indonesia strange weather have lot of rice, spice
Japan by matthias 22,620,600 million people main sport soccer main food sushi, rice
China by zoe largest country in asia 1.3 billion people 30,000 plants in china
North Korea by Alex 24 million narrow valleys main sport- tayqaundo
Taiwan by bailey temp- arid located northeast asia capital- new taipal
India by eleanor rupee- currency located in southeast asia tropical weather
Mongolia by thomas 21 states eat diary products long winters short summers
Shri lanka by afrah the size of tazmania located in the indian ocean capital- colombo
East timor by tommy 1,107,432 population most people live in dili they speak portugese
Pakistan by bryn in central asia 176,745,360 population rupee-currency
Phillipenes by ore developoing country peso- currency have a lot of meat
Mayamar by ben population 47,758,181 half forest central southeast asia
Paupa new guinea by ella population aproxx 6 mill they have traditionla belifs located above Australia
indonesia by isabel southeast asia tropical climate population 242,325,638
bangledesh by imran more than 150 million main religon- muslim cricket- main sport
veitnam by maddy communist country let-new year communist country
Tahiland by ece southeast asia currency- baht mostly speak tahi
Cambodia by shakira southeast asia they eat seafood tropical climate
Russia by theo 11.98 million people moscow- capital northen asia
malaysia by julian multi cultral most live in west malaysia low coastral beachs
Brunei by jack located- southeast asia main sport soccer big on trade

100 word challenge Week #31

As the bird swooped in she poohed on my head and it was very white and wet so it was going to be hard to get of my shirt but I tried and tried I kept trying I even tried to use napesan but that did not work. I tried to use Bam but that didn’t work to so I was washing trying to get the poo out before my mum came back from work and Bang Chuck Norris comes in and gets it right of that why Chuck Norris Is the greatest man to ever live.

Week #32 100 WC

As the sun came out I wanted to watch the champions league final and i wanted to go to the game but the tickets got sold out straight away and there was no seats left “oh know”  he really wanted to watch the game and bang straight away he saw a ticket on eBay but it was a phony ticket he got really raged at the guy and he went to his house and he raged at him he chucked every thing at him every thing possible but the bad thing is the next door neigbours were police officers and he got arrested for life and he couldn’t go to the game.